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Given the chance, these two would probably make a great team.

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Anonymous: I am so upset that so many people seem to think that 9x19 was boring and not worth their time. What?? I don't even understand how people can think that. I said something to someone before about people only being able to see the surface not bothering to look beyond it and this is a prime example. That's the only way someone could've thought 9x19 was boring. 

Dear anon,

I am sorry this is upsetting you. *hugs* I cannot really understand how people might have found this episode boring either, but since we all have our own unique tastes and preferences, I guess it is perfectly normal for some to like an episode and for others not to. That’s just how it is.

If the negativitiy gets too much, it’s sometimes best to blacklist a few things, so you don’t stumble upon such posts that are making you sad all the time. I have to admit though, that on my dash everybody seems to have been pretty happy with the episode. Though it also seems to have sparked up a sort of general discussion on the topic of “filler vs. myth arc episodes”.

All that being said, I guess it’s impossible to make all parts of the fandom happy. I agree with you though, that sometimes it takes a bit of digging and looking a bit deeper to make sense of an episode and see and understand what it might have been playing at. Though I guess, what many of us like to call meta or speculation or analysis of parallels, etc. to some might simply be a case of reading too much into it, overthinking it or stretching things. And you know, that’s kind of okay to think as well. Nobody has to share the same opinion - theory spinning is just fun (and tbh just that, thinking about possible ideas and scenarios - even totally crazy -  and sometimes much more compelling and interesting as what happens on screen for real. :) That’s the beauty of headcanons. :)

Also long as everybody is treating one another with respect and remembers some manners and doesn’t get nasty because the views on a scene or episode differ, everything’s good. :)

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memberoftheangelgarrison: (Spoiler alert): Do you have an idea why Annie picked up the cross at Jody's cabin? Or maybe you can even say: Why was there a cross in the first place? All I can think of is that this should remind us of Heaven, Metatron and maybe Castiel but I just don't think that this can't be everything this is about since they even talked about it. Or is this related to Jody and/or Annie and their believes about family, wrong/right etc? I just can't wrap my head around it. Little help please? =) 

Hey dear,

sorry that it took me forever to reply to your message. *hides under blanket*

I just re-watched the episode and I think the cross most of all was meant to call back to Jody telling Sam in 9x08 “Rock and a Hard Place” that after everything she’s been through, she thought that a “higher power” suddenly seemed more relevant than before. She said she “enjoyed church”, because it gave her a ~purpose, something to hold on to, something that meant comfort. Later in the episode she even says this outright: "I kept my feelings buried under my work, religion and even dating". This whole thread also nicely calls back to 9x03 “I’m No Angel” imo, where Cas kind of seeks security and safety when entering the church and overhearing a women praying and then starting up a conversation with her about heaven and faith. And even though Cas tells her that heaven has gone out of business, he was surprised to learn, that it didn’t change anything for her. That his truth isn’t her truth (a theme that got re-visited in 9x18 “Meta Fiction” last week). So keeping all that in mind I can absolutely understand that you felt reminded of Heaven, Metatron and Cas. As for why Annie/Alex/Alexis/Ann picks it up: I think it’s the first thing catching her attention, because she knows that many people think that crosses might help against vampires (which fits nicely to people not knowing the full story, which was a big part of 9x18 “meta Fiction” as well).

That is as much as I can think of at the moment. Hope this kind of helped a little bit? :/

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"How do you even know she wants to be saved?"

Dean in 9x19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

Oh Dean. Projection much? You are breaking my heart. ;_; Cause hasn’t that always been your problem? That you didn’t think you deserved to be saved when you went to hell. That you don’t think you deserve to be saved now. The thing is, like Sam told you back in S3 already, “Nobody can save you, if you don’t want to be saved”. You are the vital part. It’s up to you. Your eyes were pleading “Help me, Sam” just one episode back. And though one look might say more than a thousand words, you might need to verbalize it. Ask for help. Because just like Sam said to Annie/Alex/Alexis/Ann: “We can help you, we can keep you save, but you have to help us” (you have to let us in).

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Seriously, so many levels of sad…

I know. *sobs quietly* Also, now I am at the part where the one vamp uses the woodchipper to  destory the body and of course now I have to think of Bobby. And of Bobby and Jody. God, I loved their dynamic so much.

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Oh this is great !!! (angst kind of great)

Right? ;_;

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…Jody’s line about her co-worker still having nightmares about the barn episode of “The Walking Dead”.

Because if I remember correctly this is the absolutely devastating episode, where the group learns that Sophia is a zombie (as are some family members of the Green’s). (Un)dead, nothing left of the person she used to be, one bite was enough to turn her, changed her into a monster without any emotions, but only intend on feeding, killing.

Do I even need to say who this description fits as well?

I have kind of been talking about this topic this morning already, when I was writing about the significance and the power of knowing someone’s name (holding power over someone in a way, knwoing their weak spot, etc), but now that I am re-watching the episode there is also something else that kind of massively drives the point home that Annie is a mirror to Sam (just as much as she is to Dean). And that based solely on her old/true name:


sounds awefully similar to


doesn’t it?

I don’t think this is accidental at all. And it also fits heartbreakingly well to the meta I wrote a while ago about the significance of Dean calling Sam Sammy (see here), which relates to his inability to let go of his idea of his brother, of “Sammy”. He hasn’t been calling Sam “Sammy” a whole lot this season, but he did so in THIS episode. An episode that was so immensly about choosing, who you want to be, choosing your identity, your life and with that choosing your name.

It’s no wonder that Sam calls Annie Alex after she insists that she isn’t Annie any more (for whatever reasons), because frankly that is what he has been fighting for his entirely life. Being Sam - an adult, independent, free to make his own decisions - not Sammy.

"Nest? I’m guessing that’s not half as cute and cozy as it sounds." (Jody Mills in 9x19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”)

"I know it’s hard to believe, but I haven’t always been this cute and cuddly." (Benny in 8x09 “Citizen Fang”)

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dreamercas: Hi! Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly then send it to 10 of your favorite followers ;) 

Hi dear!

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

God, this is kind of hard, but let’s see…

1) This one is very superficial, but I think I have kind of nice eyes.

2) I like that I am ambitious and can find something interesting in almost anything - even when at first I thought something would be boring - that sparks ideas and more thoughts and ultimately ends up in me getting really passionate about it bordering on obsessed. :)

3) I think I am sort of a perfectionist. This can be quite annoying as well, but in relation to school and university it was always a plus. I loved writing my master’s thesis for example. I loved to sit in the library with my laptop and just have this creative working energy around me. I was done with my  100+ pages master’s thesis about 2 months before the deadline, because I just loved working on it and because the topic was so interesting. Sometimes I still think I maybe should have done my PhD instead of working as a journalist… By the way, I wrote my thesis about “Warblogs - American War Diaries on the Internet”.

4) I am open minded.

5) I am a very art-driven person. I love writing songs (I have been doing that ever since I was 9 years old), painting, writing, basically anything creative.

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The way a portion of SPN fandom uses the word ‘filler’ confuses me to no end. It just comes across as so… dismissive of any stand-alone kind of episode.

This episode was not just the writers twiddling their thumbs and killing time, it:

a) was a chance to bring back and center an episode around a fantastic re-occurring character

b) was deeply centered within the themes of the season

c) contained subtle but important signs about where Dean’s storyline is going to progress

I saw people called “Bad Boys” filler, too, back in the early parts of S9 and just… no? It’s really not? It’s actually a pivotal episode for Dean’s emotional arc? Just because an episode isn’t obviously about the ‘main plotline’ of the season doesn’t mean it’s not telling you anything about that plotline.

THIS! ^^^^ I have to admit, I never understood the big ~outcry over filler episode in general. To me no such thing exists. Yes, there are episodes, that aren’t as “in the face”-connected with the myth arc, but that doesn’t mean they are somehow less important, less good or don’t contribute anything to the bigger storyline. Quite the opposite is the case in my opinion. I personally find the “filler”-episodes (again, there is no such thing: it’s not like we are having 15 episodes every season in which nothing happens and Sam and Dean just sit around drinking beer - if that was the case I would understand it, but that is not what we’ve been seeing) to be amazing this season, because ALL of them advanced the arcs for each character involved. You see a step by step progression - or in this season rather - regression. You see how themes are building up and get a feeling to how problems might come to a head. The reason why Dean’s decay (darkside storyline) hits so close to home and is so painful to watch is due to the fact that it was topic in almost every single episode. Told in parallels and mirrors to the MotW cases as well as directly in dialogue. If all of the subtext, the seemingly irrelevant lines (that aren’t irrelevant at all, but hold so much meaning: Just think about the dialogue between Dean and Chef Leo in “Dog Dean Afternoon" or what was happening "Thinman", "The Purge" or "Bad Boys"- and how releveant every single one of those episodes were in terms of character development) and small gestures (and not even taking into account the cinematographic elements here) that happened in those episodes were missing, a huge chunk of character development would be missing as well. And I for one think this season in particular wouldn’t have progressed as beautifully and heartbreakingly as it did, if we didn’t have those ~filler episodes.